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"things only partially seen," HD Video, 4:10 minutes, 2020-21


Text inspired by:

“Speech at the Second Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture”, 1937, Bertold Brecth

“The Incompletes”, 2019, Sergio Chejfec

“No More and No Less”, 2008, Mahmoud Darwish

“Why Socialism?”, May 1949, Albert Eienstein

“Consider Shadows”, 2019, Sean Green

“Breathe. As in. (shadow)”, 2019, Rosamond S. King

“The Statue of Liberty”, 1916, Alexandra Kollontai

“a brief meditation on breath”, 2020, Yesenia Montilla

“An Extraordinary Adventure”, 1914, Valdimir Mayakovsky

“And Could You?”, 1913, Vladimir Mayakovsky

“Past One O’Clock”, 1930, Vladimir Mayakovsky

“To All and Everything”, 1916, Vladimir Mayakovsky

“Refusing Completion: A Conversation”, March 2021, Fred Moten, Stefano Harvey, and Stevphen Shukaitis

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